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The SKCM is an ecumenical and devotional society dedicated to remembering Charles I of England, King and Martyr (1600-1649).

About King Charles the First

King Charles I


King Charles I was the son of James I of England (VI of Scotland) and Anne of Denmark, who was martyred for the faith in his defense of the Anglican Church, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Episcopacy.

Holyrood Palace, Scotland


Following his coronation as King of England 2 February 1626 at Westminster Abbey, Charles Stuart was consecrated King of Scotland at the Palace of Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland, 18 June 1633.

Saint Charles

Martyrdom & Sainthood

On 30 January 1649 King Charles I was martyred at Whitehall Palace for his refusal to abandon the Episcopacy and give up the Church.  After the death of the regicide Oliver Cromwell, the monarchy and church were restored, and Charles I was canonized a Saint by the Convocations of Canterbury and York on 30 January 1661.

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