Tennessee Chapter
Society of King Charles the Martyr


Welcome to the Tennessee Chapter of the Society of King Charles the Martyr!

The SKCM is an ecumenical and devotional society founded in 1894, born out of the Oxford Movement, and dedicated to remembering King Charles I of England (1600 - 1649), son of James I of England (VI of Scotland) and Anne of Denmark, who was martyred for the faith in his defense of the Church, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Episcopacy.

The objects of the Society are:
    1.    To pray for the Anglican Communion;
    2.    To promote a wide observance of January 30, the day of the Martyrdom of King Charles I in 1649;
    3.    To win general recognition of the great debt the Anglican Communion owes Charles Stuart for his faithfulness unto death in defense of the Church and her apostolic ministry;
    4.    To work for the reinstatement of the Feast of King Charles the Martyr in the calendar of the Book of Common Prayer throughout the Anglican Communion; and
    5.    To encourage efforts to build and equip churches and erect shrines dedicated to Saint Charles.

Interested individuals desiring membership should contact chapter officer Greg Smith @
Email:  gregsmithdtm@gmail.com  
Phone or text (931) 980-5523.

Membership is open to all Christians who have an interest in King Charles I and are supportive of the objectives of the Society.

Sanctus Carolus, Regis et Martyris, ora pro nobis!

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