Tennessee Chapter
Society of King Charles the Martyr


Restoration Day Luncheon & Lecture

Saturday, 27th May 2017

In honor of Restoration Day*, members and guests of the Tennessee Chapter assembled on May 27th at The Looking Glass Restaurant in Clarksville, Tennessee.  Mr. James Moore, Chapter President, offered a toast on the occasion of Restoration Day:

“It is with eternally thankful hearts that we remember this day when true government and right religion returned to England with the restoration of King Charles II and the Church of England.  In these acts, all of the suffering and sacrifices of King Charles I were vindicated.  To this day, the Crown has served as the bulwark of parliamentary democracy while the Anglican Church has been the spiritual expression of the English people.  Long may they continue to prosper.  Ladies and Gentlemen:  I give you Church and Crown.”

In addition to President James Moore, other officers present were Vice-President Kenneth Fowlkes Jr., Chaplain Fr. Roger Senechal, Secretary-Treasurer Greg Smith, and Historian Jim Marshall.  Two of the guests were elected to membership:  Mr. Charles Jones of Nashville, and Dr. Benjamin Guyer of Jackson.  After a sumptuous lunch, Dr. Guyer presented a lecture on “Developing Defender:  Charles II’s Religious Policy, 1660-1662.”  

*Restoration Day is the formal public holiday celebrated in England on May 29th to commemorate the restoration of the English monarchy and the Anglican Church in May 1660.  The English, Scottish and Irish monarchies were all restored under Charles II after the interregnum that followed the wars of the three kingdoms.



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